کتی ترمز هیدرولیک چپ و راست شیمانو مدل ( BL-MT200 )

Shimano BL-MT200 Brake Lever


- مناسب برای دوچرخه های کراس کانتری و شهری

- جنس اهرم کتی از استیل و از نوع 3 انگشتی

- تزریق روغن و هواگیری بسیار راحت دقیقا همانند مدل های رده بالاتر

- سازگار با روغن هیدرولیک معدنی

- جنس بدنه مخزن روغن از آلومینیوم

- نصب آسان

- توصیه می شود برای کالیپرهای : BR-MT200, BR-UR300





The BL-MT200 brake lever by Shimano - also comfortable for small hands

The functionality of the Shimano BL-MT200 brake lever has been adapted to the requirements of MTB beginners. It is characterised by a universally applicable design and a reach suitable even for small hands. Its 3-finger brake lever is made of steel. Just like the more expensive models, the BL-MT200 can be easily bleed with a funnel


Application: Cross Country, City & Touring
Type: hydraulic
Actuation: mineral oil
Hose: SM-BH59-JK-SS (not incl.)

:Technical Information

Lever Length: 3-finger
Adjustment Options: reach adjust (with tools)
Mount: clamp (closed)
Design: right (side-specific), left (side-specific)
Brake Lever Material: steel
Brake Lever Housing Material: aluminium
Hose Connection: straight


 versatile design suitable for a wide range of bike types -
  braking power adapted to MTB beginners -
small hands can easily reach lever -
  easy, fast and clean installation -
recommended brake caliper: BR-MT200, BR-UR300 -
funnel bleeding -
  painted lever and body -
  steel clamp bolt -
  Shimano logo -


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