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زنجیر شیمانو 10 سرعته مدل (CN-HG95 )

Shimano XT / XTR / SLX CN-HG95 10-speed Chain

- زنجیر فوق العاده باریک دوچرخه های کوهستانی

- زنجیری با طراحی گل ولای ریز

- زنجیری جهت دار

- با تکنولوژی  :  SIL-TEC ) / ( HG-X ) / ( DYNA.SYS ))

- با وزن 273 گرم

- 116 لینک

- رویه زنجیر با اصطکاک فوق العاده کم

- ساخت ژاپن

Shimano CN-HG95 XT / XTR / SLX 10-speed chain - with SIL-TEC coating

The Shimano CN-HG95 is a 10-speed directional chain and double SIL-TEC surface treatment: on the outer plate and inner plate. This ensures quiet, low-maintenance operation. This Dyna-Sys chain type HG-X is compatible with all 2x10 and 3x10 MTB and City & Touring drivetrains.

: Specifications


Application: MTB, City & Touring
Gearing: 10-speed


: Technical Information

Number of Links: 116
Closure Type: chain pin w/ double ring
Pin Type: chromium-plated, solid
Directional: yes
Recommended Groupset: XTR, XT, SLX
Material: steel


: Features


- super narrow HG-X 10-speed chain for 2x10, 3x10
- for all Shimano MTB 10-speed drivetrains
- for all Shimano City & Touring 10-speed drivetrains
- more efficient, quieter, low maintenance with surface SIL-TEC coating (outer and inner plates)
- improved wear resistance due to chrome plating of the pins
- directional chain: ensures a new evolution of shifting performance
- standard pin
- performance indicator: advanced (level 2 out of 3)
- not compatible with 10-speed Road drivetrains

: Technology


The directional 10-speed HG-X chain specially designed for mountain bikes is the next evolutionary step in shifting technology. This chain shifts more fluidly, saves weight and increases overall system performance. The outer side is optimised for shifting from the front by a design adapted to the tooth shape of the chainring. The inner side of the HG-X is optimised for rear derailleur shifting and ensures higher shifting performance. The sides are marked to ensure correct assembly.
Warning notice: The high shifting performance can only be reached if the chain is mounted correctly. Should the chain be installed the wrong way, the chain could derail and lead to serious injury

An asymmetrical mountain bike-specific chain means smoother shifts, lighter weight, and better overall system performance. CloseStep gear ratios mean smaller jumps between gears, more efficient chain movement and a reduced chance of dropping a chain while shifting in rough conditions.

Shimano's ultra-low friction surface treatment Superior to simple coating, SIL-TEC is an advanced plating process that improves system performance through the use of imbedded fluorine particles. SIL-TEC products run smoother and wear longer in all conditions.


: Contents

 1 x Shimano XT CN-HG95 chain -
  1 x chain pin -

: Gewicht

  silver / 10-speed : 273 g -

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